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Most people find times in their lives when things are not going well. 
We feel overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, sad or helpless during difficult times and life struggles.

Unfortunately, our well-intended reactions sometimes keep us stuck in cycles of behaviour, with undesirable experiences repeating.

Our stressed state narrows our options for healing and growth. 

It is precisely during these times that a family therapist can offer you a new perspective and non-judgemental support.



Family therapy is an evidence-based systems approach to psychotherapy, for individuals, couples and families. The focus is often on nurturing positive change within relationships – without playing the blame game,  working collaborative to short circuit repeated problems within human relationships.

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about JANELLE homan

Janelle is a Brisbane-based family therapist specialising in couples and marriage therapy, as well as counselling for families where developmental and behavioural issues have been recognised. With 20 years of practice, Janelle offers her clients guidance,  support, and an invitation to positive change.

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